VSFPTD 425 Failed To Establish Connection

VSFPTD - 425 Failed To Establish Connection

VSFTP Error:

After enabling IPTABLES I am faced problem with vsftp. I am able to login to the site. Files are also visible. But while trying to download it it shows error - 425 Failed To Establish Connection.


Configure iptables for vsftp - click here for procedure

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  1. If not done by iptables, Then:-

    "425 failed to establish connection"

    If you still facing this error at login. simply add the "default" FTP port (21/TCP) given in system firewall, Apply this and restart Iptables. And here you will get the data access threw port 21.
    if you have already added both 20 and 21 ports threw "other ports" tab in system firewall, then also you have to add this default port in firewall.

    To see Example open this link.


  2. Check your selinux status. You can do it by the command
    If that is enforce then diable it by editing /etc/sysconfig/selinux and remove enforce and put disable.
    Restart the system to take this setting effective.