Configure x lite with trixbox | Asterisk | Free soft phone

Configure x lite with trixbox | Asterisk

Open Xlite application 
1) Right Click on xlite and select -> SIP Account Settings
   This will open SIP Account dialog box 

2) In the SIP Account Dialog box click -> Add
  This will open Properties of Account 1
  In this Account tab, you have to enter your sip account details as shown in the below snapshot.
Display Name= Your Name
UserName     = your extension
Password = sip password
Authentication user name= your extension
Domain = trixbox server ip

If you have enabled voice mail facility for your extension, then go to Voice mail tab and enter your voice mail configuration details. 
If you don't want to enable voice mail, you can leave all other tab settings and click on Apply
Immediately xlite will register to your trixbox server. 
Now you can start using your soft phone

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