GLPI mysql replicate | Clustering Database replication how to Setup

GLPI Mysql Replication Setup How to

Login to your secondary Mysql server through console
Create database for replication -  glpi_replication
Example : db name = glpi_replication, username = glpiuser , password - glpireppwd

#mysql -u root -p ( enter the mysql root password)
mysql> create database glpi_replication;
mysql> grant all privileges on glpi_replication.* to glpiuser@glpiwebserverip identified by 'glpireppwd';
mysql> exit

Login to GLPI web as admin
Go to Setup -> General ->Mysql Replicate
Change the settings as shown in the below Screen shot
Enable The Replica - yes
Mysql Server           - Ip of your slave mysql server
Database                  - slave db name
Mysql user               - slave db username
Password                  -  password of slave db
Max difference between master and slave  - your choice
Email Notification - your choice
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GLPI Mysql Replication Config

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