How To reset Fedora Linux 24 root Password

How To reset Redhat / Fedora Linux root Password


By following the below simple steps you can reset the Linux root password.
1)While booting, on the boot menu screen press 'e' 
2)This will enable edit option in the grub menu . In the line which contains the word 'kernel' press 'e' 
3)go to end of that line and enter 'linux single' 
4)the press 'esc' twice and press 'b' to boot the system 
5) now the system will boot in the single user mode. On the console type: passwd root


Please try out the following steps to change the root password: 

1. Boot the computer with linux Installation CD. 
2. Enter into linux Rescue mode by entering the following command in boot screen. boot: Linux rescue 
3. When the sh prompt is reached, enter the following commands to change root password.

#chroot /mnt/sysimage

This will prompt you to enter your new password.

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