How to upgrade MailScanner

Step by step procedure to upgrade MailScanner in CentOS Fedora Linux Ubuntu Redhat Debian Linux.

MailScanner Upgradation Procedure

To upgrade MailScanner from older version to newer version, you can follow the below simple steps.

Download the latest version of mailscanner rpm package from website and transfer the file to your MailServer.

Step 1 
MailScanner Upgradation
Login to your MailServer using remote shell and go to the file location

#rpm -qa mailscanner
#tar -xvzf MailScanner-4.79.11-1.rpm.tar.gz
#cd MailScanner-4.79.11-1

For more installation  methods, you can read the README file
Up-gradation will take some more time. After the successful completion of installation, you will receive the success message.
Step 2
Upgrade your MailScanner config file
To upgrade your MailScanner.conf and languages.conf files automatically, you have to run the below two scripts

#cd /etc/MailScanner
#upgrade_MailScanner_conf MailScanner.conf MailScanner.conf.rpmnew >
This will upgrade the excising config file to newer one. Once you have checked that contains what you want, you can then save your old one and move the new one into place, using commands like these:

#mv -f MailScanner.conf MailScanner.old

#mv -f  MailScanner.conf

Step 3
Upgrade Language Script.
#cd /etc/MailScanner/reports/en
#upgrade_languages_conf languages.conf languages.conf.rpmnew >
#mv -f languages.conf languages.old
#mv -f  languages.conf

Step 4
Restart the MailScanner service and verify the rpm version

#service MailScanner restart
#rpm -qa mailscanner

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