Syslog Error: imjournal: fscanf on state file `/var/lib/rsyslog/imjournal.state’ failed

Syslog Stopped working and not printing the message logs. Error Log Shows the message : imjournal: fscanf on state file imjournal.state


#systemctl status rsyslog.service shows the following error

imjournal: fscanf on state file `/var/lib/rsyslog/imjournal.state’ failed  [v8.23.0 try ]


File /var/lib/rsyslog/imjournal.state got corrupted due to bad I/O.


Remove /var/lib/rsyslog/imjournal.state file and restart the rsyslog service

#rm /var/lib/rsyslog/imjournal.state
#systemctl restart  rsyslog.service

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