How to replace Untangle Branding Manager logo

How to replace Untangle Branding Manager logo with your company logo, Boot Screen or Modify Front Page

Replace Untangle Logo

We can replace the untangle branding manager logo by the below mentioned simple steps.

Step 1
Enable ssh in untangle
How to enable ssh

Step 2
Replace the logo image BrandingLogo.gif  with your logo. Default path is mentioned below

For Latest version replace

For replacing the image from windows machine, you can use winscp up loader or putty

2 thoughts on “How to replace Untangle Branding Manager logo

    1. Taylor Lightfoot

      find the html files that the page .py file loads and edit them manually with ssh. they are usually located in or around /usr/share/untangle/web/ or /usr/share/untangle/webui/ ect… just look around, if you know you want to edit the logout page you know thats located in /usr/share/untangle/web/capture/logout/ find the index or other html file and edit it, the $.companyname$ in the [title] part of the html you can replace with static text to bypass the variable.


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